Unit Commands

Unit commands are displayed when a target is set for a unit.

Relay You can set up to 5 mid-points before the unit's destination.
Advance Advance as quickly as possible to reach the target.
Enter Enter the selected base.
Attack Attack the selected unit or base.
Build Build on the selected location.
Repair Restore the durability of the selected building.
Demolish Remove the selected building from the map.
Conquer Conquer the selected area with patrols.
Wait Maintain position.
Fire Attack Torch the selected land using fire with a specified chance of success. Enflaming land will greatly reduce the number of enemy troops there. Failure will cause the morale of the unit who executed the attack to decrease, and, in some cases, result in the executing unit becoming enflamed.
False Info Spread false information to enemy units and lead them into a trap.

Dispatch Commands

Dispatch commands will be displayed when another force's base or unit is selected.

Dispatch When Dispatch is clicked, a recommended unit will be set automatically. This unit can be deployed by pressing OK. You can also add or change units by selecting Base Commands. You cannot deploy troops to a force of an ally, or a unit that is more than a certain distance away.
Unit Info Check assorted information about the selected unit, such as its abilities, target, and orders.
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