Controlling Adjutants

Adjutant Settings Tactic Activation Methods

Generally, tactics equipped to a unit will activate automatically. However, units led by an officer appointed as an Adjutant can activate their tactics at any time.

Note: You will be able to appoint an Adjutant after reaching the rank of Reg. Governor.

Note: The number of Adjutants you can appoint will increase as your rank rises.

Adjutant Settings

You can set Adjutants using the Adjutant tab in the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the screen during the Strategy Phase. After setting an Adjutant, it will take 30 days before you can actually activate a tactic.

Tactic Gauge

The tactic gauge of an Adjutant has up to three additional levels (red → yellow → green).
The effects of tactics will become stronger depending on the level reached.

Auto Tactics Button

If turned on, tactics will activate automatically.

Tactic Activation Methods

When a unit is in a state where tactics can be activated, selecting the unit will display tactics that are currently available to it. You can then select a tactic and its target to activate it. You can also choose a tactic from the Adjutant list.

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