The Basics of Strategy

Tips for Expanding Territory Tips for Increasing Your Strength Tips on Tactics and Strategy

To expand your territory, it is necessary to raise your country's strength. This can be done through various methods, including using Administration under the force command [Appointments], the base command [Domestics], and by strategically suppressing other forces.
Keep the following basic tips in mind while playing.

Tips for Expanding Territory

Target surrounding empty areas.

To expand your territory, first aim to conquer cores in the surrounding empty areas. There are two ways to conquer a core: deploy your unit and occupy the area using the base command [March], or conduct a successful Placation plot under the force command [Plots]. The key to expanding territory in the early stages is to proceed with both strategies at the same time.

Deploy units and use Placation at the same time.

While dispatching envoys for Placation, also dispatch units to the core of each area. You can move quickly to the core by deploying in the highly mobile Awl formation. Alternatively, if you use the Crane formation, you can dispatch a large number of troops to conquer a large amount of land as you move.

Order the unit to conquer the area, and then appoint an Area Overseer on the next turn.

If you order the unit that has arrived at a core to conquer, they will continue to increase the size of occupied territory in the area. Areas where Placation plots have succeeded will come under your control without waiting for the unit's arrival, so use the already deployed unit to instead increase territory in the area. If you conquer a core, you can increase the territory gained every turn by appointing an Area Overseer using the base command [Domestics]. You can greatly increase your territory in a short amount of time by appointing an overseer with high Charisma.

Tips for Increasing Your Strength

To strengthen your army, first use Area Government in the base command [Domestics] to increase commerce and your gold income. At the same time, use City Government to appoint Recruitment and Training Overseers to increase the number of troops and raise morale.
You should also suppress areas to increase the amount of land in your possession, and actively carry out Suggestions via [Sanction].
Adequate preparation is crucial to gaining the upper hand in battle. Strengthen your units and military facilities by using Administration in the force command [Appointments] to increase the effect of formations and the damage dealt by catapult towers.
You can check the amount of gold, supplies, and troops over the past three months in Balance Trends on the Balance Report screen. Stabilize your country's strength by assigning excellent domestic officials to high-expenditure items (via Appointments), and transporting items from Divisions with stable finances to those with large expenses.

Tips on Tactics and Strategy

If you run into a unit led by a powerful officer head-on, the damage to your unit will be significant. Try to set up Arrow Towers and Camps, and attack from a more advantageous position.
If you begin a battle in an area that is adjacent to an area you control, your unit will be strengthened in accordance with that territory. Make sure you conquer surrounding areas as well when going on the offensive.
In addition, since it is difficult to attack cities and gates using only normal formations like Fish and Arrow, organize a siege unit that uses a Siege Weapon formation and incorporate it into your army. Siege Weapon formations are weak in battles between units, but are tremendously effective against bases.

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