The game can be divided into the Strategy, Advancement, and Reporting phases.
When the Player's turn begins (this is your opportunity to issue commands), the Strategy Phase also begins, and you can give commands to cities and units. When all Orders have been used, or when you have finished giving out commands, the Advancement Phase begins. Time passes, and officers carry out their orders. After ten days (one period) have passed, the Reporting Phase starts, and reports on finances and other information will be issued. This cycle repeats, and the game progresses.


Strategy Phase

Carry out negotiations and trade with Force Commands and Base Commands. If there are any Marching Units, you can issue orders with Unit Commands.

Advancement Button

Advancement Phase

Officers carry out the orders issued during the Strategy Phase. No orders can be changed during the Advancement Phase.

Advance Time

Reporting Phase

Receive reports on your gold and supplies, as well as the current situation.

Repeat the above phases


You will receive an income of gold, supplies, and troops during the first period of each month. Your income depends on factors such as on how much land is in your possession, the development levels of your commerce, agriculture, and barracks, and the abilities of your overseer. At the same time, expenses are determined by factors like the numbers of officers under your command and if you are attacking someone. Supplies Expenditure is incurred each turn.

Seasonal Events

During January, April, July, and October, seasonal events take place. Outbreaks of locusts and plague are most likely to occur in the aforementioned months. At the turn of the month, the event may spread to a neighboring area. High area public order, or an overseer with high Intelligence or Politics can help end events quickly. Moreover, higher public order or the character trait Fortune Teller can help prevent such events.

Locusts Causes supplies to decrease, worsens public order.
Plague Causes population to decrease, worsens public order. Troops in bases or units will decrease, and officers become ill more easily.
Abundant Harvest A positive event that can occur in autumn (from July to September). Increases supply income in areas where it occurs.
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