Building Types Building Restrictions

When setting the destination of a deployed unit, you can build buildings by selecting the unit command [Build]. Units ordered to build will move to the destination and begin construction. At this point, costs will be deducted from the unit's affiliated city. Construction will halt if there are insufficient funds.
Construction will finish and the effects will activate when the building reaches maximum durability. A building's effects only apply within a fixed range of the building.

Note: The number of buildings that can be constructed can also be increased by using the Support and Schemes departments, found under force command [Appointments] → Administration.

Building Types

Buildings can be classified into 3 types: Military, Obstacles, and Traps.

Military Facilities These can obstruct enemy advances and lower the amount of supplies needed by your units. Recommended for defense and maintaining the front line.
Obstacles These have high durability and can block enemy movement.
Traps These are invisible to enemies and activate once enemy units enter the activation range.

In addition, the following 3 buildings can be built on specific terrains.

Firing Platforms Military facilities that can be constructed in Mountains and Low Mountains.
Falling Rocks Traps that can be constructed in Mountains and Low Mountains.
Wire Ropes Obstacles that can be constructed in Large Rivers.

Building Restrictions

Each type of building must comply with the following restrictions.

  • Firing Platforms and Falling Rocks can only be built in Mountains and Low Mountains. Fire Ships and Wire Ropes can only be built in Large Rivers. All other buildings can be built on Flat, Highway, and Sand terrain.
  • A Military Facility cannot be constructed within 2 HEX of another Military Facility.
  • Traps can only be built in areas under your control.
  • You cannot build a trap within 3 HEX of a city or gate.
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