Battle Know-how

Here are some tips to help you get started.
If you get stuck, try to keep the following tips in mind.

  • To protect a city, unlock military facilities through Administration under [Appointments], and construct some to defend yourself.
    If you assign officers who can unlock facilities to the Support department in order to reach a certain Lv or higher, military facilities can be built from the next turn.
  • Don't forget to appoint Area, Training, and Recruitment Overseers when you obtain a new city or core.
  • Bear in mind that adjacent areas can boost a unit's abilities when fighting.
  • To expand your territory, weaken your enemy by targeting units that have been deployed on their own.
  • When fighting against strong enemies like Lu Bu and Zhang Liao, avoid fighting head-on and instead try cutting their supply lines (which can lower the enemy unit's morale), and making full use of buildings and tactics.
  • To make it easier to cancel False Information statuses, deploy multiple units at once.
  • Firing Platforms, Falling Rocks, and Wire Ropes can be built on land where other buildings cannot be, such as in the Mountains and Large Rivers. Be sure to be build them.
  • Try to actively acquire Geographic Advantages that improve your foreign relations with outlanders and trade with foreign nations, and establish a force that is superior to others.
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