By using Suggestions in the force command [Sanction], you can listen to suggestions from officers regarding military and internal affairs. Some suggestions can be implemented immediately during the Strategy Phase, while others can only be implemented after moving to the Advancement Phase. Suggestions marked as immediate will be implemented at the start of the Strategy Phase. Suggestions give effects that you won't see in standard commands, so be sure to check them regularly.

Note: Suggestions will automatically succeed when the difficulty is set to Beginner.

Note: You can turn [Suggestions] on and off in the scenario settings. If turned off, suggestions cannot be executed.

Note: Suggestions cannot be executed when the difficulty is set to Extreme.

Suggestions from Overseers

Listen to suggestions from your Area Overseers. Each suggestion has an implementation fee, but multiple suggestions can be implemented in a single Order.

Suggestions from Other Officers

Each proposal has an implementation fee and will use up one Order.

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