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Use [Domestics] under base commands to appoint Overseers to areas and cities and give them orders to increase your gold, supplies, and troops to bolster your wealth and might.

Area Government

This allows you to appoint an Area Overseer for areas affiliated with that city, as well as manage development. Changes will cost 1 Order for each area.

Area Overseer

Development will proceed according to the appointed officer's abilities. If the Area Overseer has been given orders to deploy or carry out a mission, the effect of their development and public order is lowered.

Leadership (LEA) The higher their Leadership, the easier it is to improve public order.
Strength (STR) The higher their Strength, the easier it is to develop Barracks.
Intelligence (INT) The higher their Intelligence, the easier it is to develop Commerce.
Politics (POL) The higher their Politics, the easier it is to develop Agriculture.
Charisma (CHA) The higher their Charisma, the easier it is to Conquer Land.

Development Priority

You can choose to prioritize Commerce (gold income), Agriculture (supply income), or Barracks (troop income). Your chosen item will develop faster, and when maximized, the Lv will rise. When Lv rises, your income will greatly increase.

Types of Info

Check any changes in your income as a result of overseer appointments.

Gold Used to pay the cost of commands and officer's monthly stipends.
Supplies An amount of supplies is consumed each turn based on the number of troops in cities. Units deployed from cities will consume more supplies than usual. If there are insufficient supplies, troops will flee and morale will decrease.
Troops Each base and unit has troops. If the number of troops falls to zero, the base or the unit will be annihilated. Troops will decrease upon being attacked or as a result of tactics.
Public Order Bandits may appear in areas where public order is low. Forces may lose control over land where bandits are present.
Conquer Land At the beginning of the Strategy Phase, Area Overseers will automatically conquer an amount of land within the area that is not under anyone's control.

Note: Each season, development and public order will steadily decrease in any areas without an overseer.

City Government

Appoint Recruitment Overseers and Training Overseers in target cities to direct the Domestic Policy of all areas affiliated with a city. Each change will cost 1 Order.

Domestic Policy

Change the focus of Domestic Policy for all land affiliated with a city at once. There are five different choices: Current, Commerce, Agriculture, Barracks, and Delegate. Current will keep policies as they are, while Delegate will leave policies up to the Area Overseer. The other policies will prioritize the development of your choice.

Recruitment Overseer

Recruitment preparations will begin when an overseer is appointed. If there is an appointed overseer at the end of the month, recruitment costs will be deducted, and troop income will be earned at the beginning of the next month. The longer the prep period for recruitment, the higher the troop income will be. Troop income also increases based on the overseer's Strength. The effectiveness of recruitment will decrease if an overseer is given orders such as marching or a mission.

Training Overseer

A unit's morale will greatly increase when the Training Overseer has high Leadership and Strength. The effectiveness of training will decrease if an overseer is given orders such as marching or a mission.

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