Force Commands

Campaign Appointments People Plots Foreign Sanction

There are six types of force commands.


Display campaign commands. This will unlock when you gain the rank of Duke.

Campaign This allows you to command Divisions in your force, including your own, to conquer a province on their own or participate in a joint conquest of a specific province.
All Retreat This allows you to cancel the campaign of the selected unit.


This displays appointment and dismissal commands.

Administration This allows you to appoint a Warlord, as well as officers bearing policies for one of the five departments. Activating policies can raise the abilities of the entire force.
Title Set a retainer's title. The higher the title, the larger the number of troops they can control, and the higher the ability modifier and stipend.
Create Division Create a new Division.
Adjust Division Reorganize your Divisions.
Move Group Move the organized group to a base.
Form Group Organize officers you want to move into a group.


Display personnel commands.

Search Find undiscovered officers, specialty items, tactic tomes, and gold within your territory.
Select Auto Search and specify search conditions to automatically set an officer to perform a search.
Employ Recruit free officers and officers from other forces.
Specialty Award or seize specialty items.
Reward Raise loyalty by giving gold to officers.
Banish Exile an officer. You can also release imprisoned officers.
Learn Teach officers new tactics by using tactic tomes.


Display plot commands.

Hidden Poison Sabotage another force's area.
Estrange Decrease the loyalty of another force's officer.
Can also be used on a detained officer from an enemy force.
Placation Placate the people and gain control of an area.
Unattended Home Persuade the Governor/Viceroy of another force to go independent.
Dual Destruction Aggravate the relationship between two other forces.
Destroy Building Reduce the durability of another force's military facilities in the target area.


Display foreign commands.

Goodwill Improve diplomatic relations with another force.
Alliance Form an alliance with another force with which your relationship is at least Normal.
Dissolve Dissolve an alliance.
Prisoner Return Request another force to return prisoners that have been taken from your force.
Attack Request Request an attack from an allied force with which your relationship is at least Friendly.
Submission Demand Demand submission from a force with which your relationship is Hostile or lower.
Exchange Exchange gold, supplies, specialty items or areas with forces with which you are in an alliance or coalition.


Display sanction commands.

Suggestions Listen to your retainers' suggestions.
Events Trigger an event.
Created Event Trigger a custom-created event.
Trade Send envoys to foreign nations and raise your friendship with them. Friendship will decrease with foreign nations that are at war with the target nation. Once friendship with the target nation reaches a certain level, you may receive a specialty item, a foreign technology, or a tactic tome.
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