Base Commands

Base commands will be displayed when you select a city under your control.

March Deploy a unit.
Cancel March After setting the unit's target, you can cancel its deployment before moving to the Advancement Phase.
Domestics Appoint roles to your officers.
Merchant Conduct trade with a merchant.
Move Issue Move, Summon, and Transport orders to officers.
Dispatch Deploy one of your units to a selected base of another force. Only other forces' bases are displayed.
City Info Check detailed information on a city, such as its income and durability.
Area Info Check information about the selected core.
Area Government Set a domestic overseer of the selected core.
Administration InfoCheck the administration of the force that owns the selected base.
Placation Execute a Placation plot on a selected base.

Note: [March], [Cancel March], and [Move] can also be performed from Gates.

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