Administration Screen Policies

Under force command [Appointments] → Administration, appoint Warlords or officers with policies to gain various strategic and offensive effects.

Administration Screen


The ideology of a force's Ruler. This influences the number of officer positions in each department (Battle, Support, Schemes, Domestics, and Personnel). Doctrines are measured with a Lv. The higher your Doctrine Lv, the higher your Total Cost, allowing you to set more officers in each department.

Note: Doctrine Lv increases through defeating units, suppressing bases, as well as expanding your force.


A force's Warlord. Their policies can be used without cost. They will also advise you on your probability of success when using the Search, Employ, Plots, and Foreign commands. Officers other than the Ruler who have an Intelligence of at least 70 can be appointed as Warlord, with higher Intelligence resulting in more accurate advice.

Note: If a Warlord is no longer set or has a condition, will be displayed.


Each department is associated with a certain policy. The number of slots in each department will depend on the Ruler's doctrine, and will expand along with their Doctrine Lv.

Note: You can see what officer slots you can expand with .

Triggered Effects

Check the effects of currently active policies.

Switch Info

Toggle what information is displayed for officer slots between officer name and policy.

Auto Settings

Automatically appoint officers to each department.


Each officer has at least one policy. Officers appointed from Administration will be able to activate their policies starting from the next period. Policies will remain active until the officer leaves the administration. Policies have an associated Cost, Lv, and Triggered Effects.


The cost needed to put a policy in effect. When you want to activate multiple policies, you must make sure they fit within the total cost. The policy cost of Warlords is 0.

Policy Lv

The higher the level, the more effective the policy.

Triggered Effects

If you activate multiple policies with the same triggered effect, the effectiveness of the policy will increase to match the sum of the policies' levels. Additionally, some powerful policies have multiple triggered effects.

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