*Concept art.
An "Irresponsible" Man Who's Still Capable
Norbert Classen
Age: 39 / Occupation: Alchemist
Illustration: NOCO
An alchemist who lives in the canyon village of Grau-Tal. He appears untidy, but he's still a licensed alchemist. He has a carefree personality, and enjoys teasing people.

Most of the time, he slacks off on his work, but when people are truly in need, he is very reliable. Thus, he has the trust of the villagers.

He can't sit still, often wandering around the village, so his atelier is usually unoccupied.
Norbert gives off a lazy and careless impression. However, he is loved by the villagers, something that Firis finds mysterious.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.