One day, Firis meets Sophie and Plachta, who came to visit her town. Upon witnessing Sophie's alchemy, Firis starts to think that alchemy could help her see the outside world. Firis becomes Sophie's apprentice, but her parents oppose. She starts learning alchemy to convince them otherwise.
Firis's decision to show a certain pair around her town is the beginning of her story.
Firis visits to learn alchemy. Sophie suggests learning by experience, and they start synthesis.
After proving the power of alchemy to her townspeople, Firis is allowed to venture into the world outside. However, if she can't pass the next license exam for alchemists, she must return. The next exam will be held in one year. Passing would mean she can remain outside forever, and Firis's determination to pass grows stronger than ever.
Firis thinks she can travel the world outside freely if she becomes an alchemist. She is more than enthusiastic.
Her time limit is one year. Slacking off makes Liane start to worry, so Firis must make steady progress while honing her alchemy skills.
Having learned alchemy, Firis is finally permitted to go outside, but she must become a licensed alchemist. To take the exam, she needs to collect letters of recommendation.
Licensed alchemists in various lands give Firis assignments, to gauge her character and abilities.
Firis lives in a town deep inside the earth, where entry and exit are not freely permitted. She spends her days yearning to see the world outside. Her only connections to this unknown world are an adventure novel, and her older sister, Liane, who is allowed to venture outside on hunts.
Firis dreams daily about traveling in the world outside with her older sister, Liane.
Firis starts learning alchemy to go outside. Liane understands her sister's feelings, and helps her obtain permission to leave, although with certain conditions. She must become a professional alchemist within one year. Worried about her little sister, Liane departs on a journey along with Firis for the first time.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.