Firis encounters various events during her journey. Firis must find ways to overcome such challenges. There isn't always just one solution, however. The path that Firis chooses can affect the story, or even the world itself.
A bridge is built over the river!
To fix the bridge, Firis uses her experience from her mining town to gather stone materials. After using alchemy to process it into building materials, and giving it to craftsmen, a splendid bridge is completed!
Now I can cross the river! Other people who wanted to cross thanked me, too. That reminds me, one of them told me about a strong monster living nearby.
There's more than one solution!
After looking around for another way past the river, Firis finds a suspicious cave. Passing through may lead to the other side of the ravine...
Hmm, I sense monsters. This could be dangerous. But this cave also seems rich in minerals. I'm sure Firis would find useful ores for synthesis.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.