The towns and villages visited by Firis on her journey are vastly different, with characteristics and people fitting their environment. Firis will meet many people, gain experience through events, and grow as an alchemist.
"Village in a Rugged yet Abundant Canyon" Grau-Tal
Grau-Tal was built in a canyon. Land is limited, and houses are even built among cliffs.
"Village of Gently Dancing Snow" Flocke
Flocke is covered in thick snow virtually year round, and travelers often call it the "white village". Hot springs flow out from the ground, making it popular among those in the know.
"Border City of Travelers" Reisenberg
Built near the national border, Reisenberg is a very prosperous city where many travelers gather. There is a government office in the city center, where the alchemy license exam is held.
"Forest Village of Sunlight Filtering through Trees" Dona
Dona was built around hunting. At the center of the village is a "sacred tree", which is treated with great importance by the villagers.
"Lakeside Town of Singing Sailors" Flussheim
Built on the shores of a lake, this town focuses on maritime shipping and tourism. The warm climate has brought jovial people to live here. Thanks to the great number of adventurers and tourists, all kinds of information collects in this town.
"Village of Fields and Gentle Breezes" Mechen
Mechen is a tranquil village, filled with cheerful spirit. The large windmills are a striking feature, as well as the large scale agriculture. Not many travelers come to visit, but those who do find a warm welcome awaiting.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.