Firis ends up traveling with many people. Everyone is unique, with their own personal charms and quirks. As Firis spends time with them, she will be affected by their experiences together. This may lead her down different paths of her own as an alchemist.
Liane enjoys dressing Firis up in different outfits. She's normally cool headed and protective, but she can't contain her excitement about Firis and her clothes.
Ilmeria seeks to become a licensed alchemist alongside Firis. She happens upon a stuffed toy chick at a shop...
Il is a self-proclaimed genius alchemist. Her eyes are filled with confidence.
Obviously, battles are easy for a (self-proclaimed) genius alchemist! She uses her staff to fight monsters.
She's still childish in many regards, and her overly honest personality could cause some trouble...
Revy is particular about cooking, and thinks about growing his own vegetables. Will he shift from aiming to become the strongest swordsman, to the greatest chef!?
Despite being thanked or praised, he shows little interest. Maybe he has a hard time expressing emotions...?
He's skilled at every aspect of housework, despite his cold demeanor suggesting otherwise. His quest to become the strongest includes being capable at housework.
Revy travels to grow stronger, and he makes proficient use of his sword in battle to support Firis.
Firis sees Drossel playing with Escha. As a performer, Drossel captivates the hearts of children, in addition to her audiences.
While his first impression is that of a rough and temperamental man, as they travel together, Firis discovers that he keeps his promises, and sticks to his beliefs.
Kald has gynophobia. He shows little sign of it while talking to Firis, and she questions him about this.
Sophie & Plachta
Plachta has provided guidance to Sophie, and now Firis. After seeing how the two of them have grown as alchemists, she chimes in about it.
Despite growing to the point where she has her own apprentice, Sophie hasn't forgotten the past. She cheerfully continues her travels. She tells Firis about the goal of her journey.
Oskar is deeply impressed by Revy's cooking. Revy warns him that he'll gain weight if he eats too much, but Oskar explains why he's skinny now.
Dion sees a bit of his past self in Firis, explaining his own failures and experiences.
Aurelie has been an alchemist for a long time. She teaches Firis about the proper attitude an alchemist must have.
Ren is strict but fair, and offers kind words to Firis after she clears an assignment.
Norbert acts irresponsible to determine the true nature of others. He purposefully gives troubling assignments, but after seeing that Firis won't give up, he admits that she has the qualifications to be an alchemist.
Kirsche teaches the novice Firis about how an alchemist should live. During her journey, Firis learns more about alchemy, and grows through the influence of many other people, while also influencing them in return.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.