In a remote land brimming with countless mysteries, there was a small town tucked away on the edge of the wilderness.

It was a town built inside a rocky mountain by miners, an underground city. Inside there were no seasons, no wind, and what little sunlight they had peeked inside through cracks in the stone.

Most of their light came from glowing crystals. Inside this town surrounded by minerals and ore, one girl had a certain dream.

It was a simple dream, to walk freely in the world outside. However, it was a wish that she couldn't fulfill. Standing in her way was a massive iron door sealing the town's entrance. Few were allowed to pass through, and its weight proved too much for the young girl's slender arms.

Her heart filled with dreams of the world outside, she spent each day gazing at the door that would never open for her. But one day, her ordinary routine came to an abrupt end.

She discovered the power of "alchemy"... This fateful encounter would offer the girl a chance to travel outside.

To set off onto a never-ending, mysterious journey...
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.