• Mass Synthesis
Mass Synthesis will greatly affect Firis's journey. With it, items that change fields themselves can be created, leading you to a world yet unseen.
Mass Synthesis requires many materials. The items completed could even affect the course of the story.
On the way to take the exam, Firis's skills as an alchemist will be put to the test. Then, after Firis passes the exam...
Ice and snow cover this field as far as the eye can see. It would be difficult to progress any further.
It's said that an "Artificial Sun" created through Mass Synthesis can melt anything. Using it in the field causes the ice to melt.
After the ice melts, you can take a new path that nobody has ever traveled before. Mass Synthesis is a new form of synthesis that expands the possibilities of your journey.
  • "Synthesis" is Alchemy
During synthesis, covering lines on the panel grants instant bonuses. If you use one of the new "catalysts", the panel could grow, or effects from filling lines can change, greatly affecting your synthesis.
You place materials on the panel during synthesis. Using a catalyst can add new effects to the resulting item. Catalysts are selected during material selection.
Just like regular lines, covering these lines will give you a bonus.
Catalysts can also change the panel size. More valuable catalysts offer better bonuses. If you obtain one, it's recommended to check what effects it bestows.
After coming up with a recipe, and collecting materials, you can use "synthesis" to make your item. Synthesis is as simple as placing materials on the cauldron panel. One key to synthesis in this game are the various "catalysts". Using a catalyst could result in creating a more powerful item.
1. Choose a Recipe!
Select the item you want to make from the list of recipes you've learned. Coming up with new "ideas" will increase the recipes available.
2. Accent It with a Catalyst!
Using a catalyst will cause new lines to appear on the panel, depending on the type of catalyst. There are various bonuses from these lines.
3. Add Materials and Get "Bonuses"!
After choosing a catalyst, place materials in the cauldron. Materials have various shapes, so choose where to place them like puzzle pieces.
If you cover the white or other colored lines on the panel, you will obtain bonuses, resulting in possible new effects on the completed item. After adding all materials, and choosing traits for the item, synthesis is complete!
  • Synthesis While Traveling
"Atelier Firis" is not focused around working in one town. You will travel across many different fields. So, how do you perform synthesis on a journey? The answer lies in the many "campfires" across the land.
Firis's journey consists of reaching a destination, then the next destination, and so on, making steady progress.
You can summon your atelier at designated places called "campfires".
When you want to synthesize items during your travels, you can do so any time there's a campfire nearby.
  • Recipe Ideas
During Firis's journey, you will meet characters, gather materials, synthesize items, fight battles, and more. All of these experiences are invaluable to an alchemist like Firis to come up with new "ideas" for recipes.
Coming up with "ideas" will increase the number of item recipes for synthesis. Some unexpected actions can result in unexpected recipes, so you should feel free to try anything that comes to mind.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.