Exploring fields is the heart of a journey, and various things can be done. Firis will make countless discoveries, and meet numerous people during her travels.
Fields contain multiple places called landmarks. Discovering one will register it on the map, allowing instant travel to the location. It's highly recommended to search out landmarks when you enter a new area.
Fields aren't just on land. You will travel to many different places, including underwater and underground.
There are certain points in the game where you can go fishing. Some ingredients can only be obtained from fishing.
You might suddenly encounter dangerous monsters! These powerful monsters show up with a special icon on the map in the upper right.
You can use certain items to gather materials, as well. You may even find different materials from usual.
Firis and her friends will travel through a vast world outside, witnessing harbors, towns, rivers, mountains, and more in just a single field. The warm world and setting of "Atelier" has been expanded into a massive scale, ready for Firis to explore.
Every land has its own characteristics. Your journey could take you to snowy lands and intensely cold mountains.
The reddish hue of sunset, the starry sky of night. Enjoy changes to the scenery around you as time passes.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.