Firis learns that she needs to pass an exam to become a licensed alchemist, held in one year's time, to freely continue her journey outside. First she needs to collect letters of recommendation to apply for the exam, so she travels to various lands with her older sister, Liane.
Having learned alchemy, Firis is finally permitted to go outside, but she must become a licensed alchemist. To take the exam, she needs to collect letters of recommendation.
Licensed alchemists in various lands give Firis assignments, to gauge her character and abilities.
After collecting the letters of recommendation, Firis can take the alchemy license exam. The exam consists of 3 parts: a "written test", a "synthesis test", and a "practical test", to gauge Firis's abilities.
The written test gauges Firis's knowledge. She must select the correct answers within the time limit.
The key to the synthesis test is creating the highest quality item within the time provided.
The practical test gauges an alchemist's combat abilities. This will be the grand culmination of Firis's growth over her journey.
Exploring fields is the heart of a journey, and various things can be done. Firis will make countless discoveries, and meet numerous people during her travels.
Fields contain multiple places called landmarks. Discovering one will register it on the map, allowing instant travel to the location. It's highly recommended to search out landmarks when you enter a new area.
Fields aren't just on land. You will travel to many different places.
You can fish at designated points. Some materials can only be obtained by fishing.
You might suddenly encounter dangerous monsters! These powerful monsters show up with a special icon on the map in the upper right.
You can use certain items to gather materials, as well. You may even find different materials from usual.
You will find quests scattered around each field. Among them, chain quests can greatly influence the area itself.
You can summon your atelier at "campfires".
Synthesis involves setting materials on a panel. Using a catalyst could affect the resulting item.
Mass synthesis involves using many materials to create a single item. These items will greatly affect Firis's journey.
Atelier Making involves decorating your atelier with various furnishings. Some of these furnishings provide special effects.
Characters act in battle when their turn comes up. You will have an advantage if you can stop the movements of your enemy. When fighting a powerful foe, aim to "Break" them to stun them, preventing them from taking actions.
Countless powerful items to hit monsters en masse are part of the true thrill of battle. Characters who aren't alchemists can also use certain items, so it's important to consider which items to take with you.
Chain Burst
Chain Bursts allow you to make consecutive attacks after filling the gauge. During Chain Burst Mode, the attacks that you chain together will change the final attack.
When "Linkage" at the top left reaches 130%, and 3 or more characters attack consecutively, a Chain Strike activates. The character who attacked first will follow up with a special attack.
Chain Finish to End It
When "Linkage" at the top left reaches 150%, and 3 or more characters attack consecutively, a Chain Finish activates. The character who attacked first will follow up with an ultimate attack for massive damage.
*Images are from the PlayStation®4 development version.